Getting Show Ready- what stays locked and what doesn’t?

Hi everyone! I am gearing up as the artistic director of our first show as a company this June 1st and 2nd @ 8PM at SAFEHouse Arts. Rehearsals have been great, full of creativity, flow, and collaboration. With every rehearsal something new unfolds, which makes everything so exciting. The title of my work is called “Moving Forward”, I picked this title because it felt fitting with my choreographic work and life. I haven’t been dealt the easiest cards, but I have always tried my best to keep finding and sharing my own light. In this show my work will be exploring birth, terror from a past memory, addiction, co-dependency, and the pain we experience in life- all in the end hopefully finding this sense of hope and catharsis through community, touch, music, and nature. Thich Nhat Hanh said it best, “In the ash of suffering a phoenix can be born”.

Here is a picture of the boxes half painted we will use in our show- for the question what stays locked and what doesn’t?

company dancers

show flyer

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